About Us


We at Night Vision Apparel are a Vancouver-based family that have decided to take a stand, and to make a change.

Together we consist of drivers, as well as full-time pedestrians.

Our team that stands on both sides of the lights have become aware of how invisible pedestrians really are to drivers at night.

The eye as our logo was personally designed after doing our research and deciding that it is the most “eye-catching” image, drawing in the eyes of the driver.

Our mission is to bring you a way to stand out – to stay safe.





We specialize in home crafted Reflective Vinyl.

Whether your choice be our apparel line, or one of our many iron-on designs, you will be safer standing out at night!

What we want for you to be safe is to have reflective, on all four sides of your body.

Even if small on some sides, or just a dot or line, we believe it is important to be seen from all angles. 





We represent keeping you and your family safe at night!

Nothing would be worse than a tragic accident, while just walking your dog, or going for your nightly run.

We want to keep your family whole, ensure that you make it home at the end of the night.

Potentially even create an activity you all can engage in, bringing you even closer!

Our iron-on designs could be a fun activity for parents and kids to get together, get out the iron, and address how important road safety really is!